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The secret to model skin - Step 1 Lifestyle

The secret to model skin - Step 1 Lifestyle

Oh that elusive model skin! Yes many models are blessed with good skin genes, but I also know girls who have  issues with breakouts, irritation (several make-up changes throughout a shoot does not make for happy skin) and all the other things non-model females struggle with.

Good skin is important for models. Most girls I know focus much more on their skincare than on their make-up. One reason is that the better your skin looks, the less make-up you need, the better your skin photographs. And as we already wear so much make-up already for work, once we're "off-duty" you just can't be bothered with too much faf and you'd rather let your skin breathe. 

Side note of the whole "model off-duty" thing, those photoprahs you see of models off-duty (before/after shows, at parties, on social media etc.) are an important part of the job. So you can ask youself, is there really such a thing as being off-duty for a model? Maybe if you hide away in the mountains without posting any pictures of yourself. Otherwise it's all part of the job. 

The girls of the instagram account @shitmodelmanagement got the proper off-duty spot on though ;-)

But we're models. But we're humans. But we're ugly on Saturdays too.

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Now, in order to get good skin, you have to start with the basics. What goes into your body shows up on your skin. I'm not saying a good diet is a cure for everything but it does make a difference. 

Had some alcoholic drinks last night? You'll probably feel a bit worse for wear the day after and your skin is dry. Have been eating a lot of dairy lately? For some people that can end up on their face as well in the form of spots. Too much sugar doesn't do your skin (and body) any good either.

What do do instead?

Fruit and veg
  • try to make veggies & fruit an important part of your diet.
  • Drink lots of liquids (water, green tea, fresh veggie juices all excellent and my personal favorites, just try to avoid drinks with added sugars).
  • Make sure to get your good fats; avocado, fatty fish, olive oi, nuts & seed etc. Do not be afraid of fat. Your body needs them. If you want beautiful skin you need to eat unsaturated fats. Fat has gotten a bad rep because we assumed that eating fat would "make you fat". Now research confirms that what's worse for your waistline (and skin) is sugar. So throw out the candy and bring on the nuts!
  • If/when you eat meat, buy the highest quality you can afford (organic & ethically raised are the best). I do eat meat but I limit it to a few times a week. The raising of livestock has a big impact on our environment and contributes to climate change. Also, I am hesitant about eating meat that has been treated with a lot of unnecessary antibiotics. It is often given to animals to make them grow quicker or treat disease. There is a growing concern that these antibiotics enter our bodies when we consume animal products and can create antibiotic resistance (not good news if you're ill and in need of antibiotics). The EU is generally more strict on the antibiotics use than the USA. So be smart about what you put into your body, it pays off. 
  • Swap our your "white" favorites for wholegrain. E.g. bread, pasta, rice, all better as wholegrain. It might take a little getting used to the taste. I tried a few different kinds of wholegrain spaghetti to find my favorite. And I also used to do a half/half of "white" spaghetti and wholegrain spaghetti to ease myself into it. Now I love the wholegrain varieties. It just proves you will start liking anything if you eat enough of it. 
  • No crash dieting! This is the worst thing. It might give you quick weight loss but it's temporary and horrible for your skin. It can cause sagging, wrinkles and stretch marks. No obviously we all get those over time as well (I got some fabulous stretch marks on my knees, hips, breasts and thighs from teenage growth spurts & developping my curves ) but there's no need to add to them with something as stupid as a crash diet. These diets are often short in essential nutrients, which will reflect on your skin. Instead lose weight the slow and steady way. Eat your fruit & veggies, lay off processed food (especially candy and chips) and try to get moving. Exercise, walk, take the stairs, cycle, they are all great. Try to find something that you love doing and it won't feel like working out. Favourites of mine are hiking, surfing and cycling (outdoor though, I can't stand spinning! I'm Dutch, I cycle for transportation). 

Nutrition & health (and the way your skin behaves) are linked so it's something to pay attention to.

Now if you don't mind I'm going to make myself some green juice that tastes like grass but I'll force myself to drink it anyway, because it's good for me!

I can always pinch my nose when drinking it ;-)

And yes, I do know how grass tastes because when I was young I would pretent to be a horse with the girl from my neighbourhood. Good times ay.

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