I'm Nienke van der Peet.

I'm a (curve) model. It has given me great opportunities and a lot of insight into the fashion & beauty industry.

I'm contacted regularly by girls and women talking to me about insecurities and the pressure they feel from the media and society to look a certain way. Beauty is so much more than just a dress size. I'm here to show you that even though you have more curves than the girls you see in the magazines, that doesn't make you any less beautiful or worthy. 

The term model body gets a lot of attention. Especially around events like the Victoria's Secret fashion show. However, the idea of what a model body looks like is changing. I am a model. I have a body. Therefore I have a model body. 

And I wear a size L/XL.

I've never been skinny and I feel that the "skinny ideal" is harmful to many girls and women. It certainly was to me when I was younger. I'm all about health. Eating well, working out and being happy.

I want to inspire people to be their own healthiest version whilst having fun. At the same time I got some great tips and tricks with regards to beauty, fashion, travel and food that I want to share.  

A revolution is happening. Come and be a part of it!

Find me on instagram/snapchat/facebook/twitter: @nienkevdpeet

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